Pulsar Micro

So I was working on a schematic for the synth and figured I’d see just how small I could get the basic version.  That’s still has octave range, tempo, gate, and pitch, along with the switchable high/low pass filter, 16 steps, square and saw wave, and the breakout pins for an LCD.  Also has a voltage regulator so it can take anywhere from 5v to 12v in and run fine, and a 1/8 audio out.

So I call it the Pulsar Micro, here is the schematic, yes it used SMD parts but they’re not really that hard to solder, and that’s what makes it small, how small??


Pulsar Micro PCB layout

Pulsar Micro PCB layout


Hold a business card, now that will cover up 2 of them.  It’s amazing how small you can make things if you try.  It’s 2.7″ x 1″  Yeah it’s probably to small to be practical, but it would be fun to play with for entertainment or maybe just ideas and would easily fit inside something like an eclipse mint tin.  Notice that even the power and audio plugs fit in that space.  I love little electronic things so I just had to see how far I could push it.


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