Arduinome Logic Board Prototype (aka what I’ve been slaving over lately)

So arduinomes require a lot of parts, PCBs, Arduinos and etc.  so I’ve been on a mission to make them easer and smaller.  From my previous post I made an arduinome 128 and I used the tradition method, but also tried to make it as thin as possible.  I began to think why not combine all this on to one simple logic board, that way it would be compact, simpler and even cheaper!

So here are the fruits of my labor of slaving over a hot iron and staring at a computer screen at night the last couple weeks…

I call it the LXIV Logic Board for obvious reasons, well if you know Roman numerals.

One image next to a business card to get scale (It’s 2.25″x2.25″)

Granted you do have to solder a surface mount chip (USB to Serial only comes as a SMD) on but I kept it as much thru-hole as possible.  If you don’t use sockets it can get pretty thin.

Right now it’s just a prototype, there were missing traces that I had to jumper and also I’m going to route it with larger traces since there were a few glitches in the copper that I had to work out (What a major pain, finding copper jumps so small you could only see it with a loupe!) these were it seems pretty low quality boards but this one works.

I also try to make my circuit layouts look nice too, to me it’s almost like a piece of art hence the very symmetrical layout.  I also moved the headers to the outside of the board so it’s easier to plug cables in and you can also use right angle headers like I did.

Once I get everything going good with good traces and no missing traces I’ll post up the working files, and will also place the design on batchPCB’s open source boards so you can order one right from them or use the files to get your own.

Feel free to donate if you wish, I appreciate it and it keeps idea’s like this coming.  I’m working on a couple arduino projects and PCB’s aren’t cheap!



2 Responses to “Arduinome Logic Board Prototype (aka what I’ve been slaving over lately)”

  1. 1 beshanoe
    November 5, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    Hi! your arduinome logic board is great! Can you share .BRD of Gerber files of your first prototype, because i love it more than second prototype? it’s would be great:) i want to make my own arduinomes based on yours pcb. It’s not for commerce

  2. November 23, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Congratulations!! This is an awesome project!
    I builded my arduinome some time ago and during the process I desired something like your PCB!
    Now I have a very huge arduinome!

    I think it could be nice add to your PCB a little square space full of free holes, for experiments/expansions like accellerometers or my x16adc_mod.
    Just an idea!

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