Introducing the Minduino, my Arduino Mini clone.

So I’ve been working on a Arduino clone, well I’m all about tiny and small, well here is my version. I call it the Minduino, it has all the Input/Output of the full size arduino, actually 2 more analog in’s, Vcc, Gnd, Reset and AREF pins. It also has 3 green LED, one for power, TX and RX, and one bright blue LED connected to pin 13.  These use the ATmega328 so they are also the latest version of arduino with 32K of flash ram

It also has full USB connectivity with a FT232RL USB to Serial IC. Pretty much it has everything the full arduino does, plus the 2 extra analog in’s.

Also these are all hand soldered and tested by me, so I make sure they work before they leave.

I’ll be selling them on ebay to help fund some other tech projects I have, including a breadboad version of the Arduino Mega.

Here are some beauty pics:


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